Insurance can protect you financially in many ways. Accidents happen, and not having adequate insurance could leave you in a hole. It is needed to protect your life and your ability to earn income. Consider which policies you may want to include in your financial plan:

Insurance You Need

Insurance can often be found for everything you can think of, but there are some things that definitely need to be properly insured, such as your life, health, and property. Life insurance will help provide financial security to your loved ones once you have passed away. Health insurance helps cover medical costs for you and your family. Homeowner’s or renter’s insurance covers your home, and car insurance protects your vehicle. 

Insurance You Don’t Need

Adequate insurance is absolutely necessary. However, there are some insurance policies that are simply not needed for most people. You may be able to refrain from investing in mortgage life insurance, cancer or specific disease insurance, and travel or flight insurance. Travel and flight insurance may be included as part of your credit card’s travel benefits.

How Much Life Insurance?

Start by asking yourself what you need your life insurance to do for you and your family. You may need enough to put your children through college and to pay off your mortgage. Maybe you only need it to pay for final expenses. Whatever it may be, figuring out what you need your life insurance to do is a good starting place. 

Which Type of Life Insurance?

Term life insurance will cover you for a set term and often has the lowest premiums of any life insurance option. Whole life insurance provides lifetime coverage and can build cash value during the term of the policy. Weigh the pros and cons of both before deciding between term life or whole life insurance.

Alexander Financial Services

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