Pet insurance is essentially health insurance for your dogs and cats. We understand that you consider your pets as members of the family, and it is important to take all precautionary measures in case of an accident. Our pet insurance provides a sense of security ensuring that if your pet becomes ill or injured, insurance will help reimburse costly veterinary bills. Due to the reimbursement factor, there is no provider network, meaning you are able to take your pet to any licensed vet of your choice. 


For over a decade now, PetPartners has worked diligently to assist pet owners in keeping their pets safe and healthy through their pet health insurance. To begin setting up pet insurance get started with a base plan, and from there begin customizing. Our base plan: accident or accident and illness, comprehensively covers accidents, illnesses, and injuries. This can include anything from ACL injuries, allergies or cancer to reimbursements for physical therapy. Once you establish a base plan, PetPartners offers a few optional coverage plans, including exam coverage, hereditary coverage, and wellness coverage. These optional plans are implemented to cover the costs of things such as chronic illnesses, microchipping, and heartworm protection. 

Why Consider Pet Insurance

It is no secret that having a pet can become extremely costly within a short period of time. This can easily place a substantial amount of stress on pet owners when they discover something is wrong. Pet insurance not only allows you to make decisions about your pet’s health without worrying about the costs of treatment, but it also gives owners a peace of mind knowing they are consistently able to meet their pet’s healthcare needs without hesitation. 

Alexander Financial Services

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