If you are in good health, you may feel as if it’s best to avoid the costs of health insurance. However, not having health insurance can cost you way more in the future if something were to happen. Without it, you will be responsible for paying the price if you get sick or injured. 


Health insurance can protect you financially from both routine and unexpected healthcare needs. It typically covers preventative health services to keep you healthy and screen for potential health issues. It usually also covers health benefits like prescription drugs, emergency services, and maternity care. Furthermore, it can help protect you from high medical costs through copayments and coinsurance. Without health insurance, you may be forced to take on these costs alone. 

What Health Insurance Might Not Cover

The coverage you receive will depend on the type of health insurance plan you choose as well as the insurance company you go through. Your plan may not cover things that the insurer determines to be not medically necessary. This could include weight loss surgery, cosmetic surgery, infertility treatment, and long-term care.


There are four main categories of health insurance: bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. Choosing a plan can be complicated, but here’s how to decipher between the four types:

  • Bronze: Bronze plans usually cost the least in monthly premiums, but the most when you need healthcare. Your deductible can be thousands of dollars per year.
  • Silver: Your premiums and healthcare costs are moderate, and your deductibles are not as high as the bronze plan. This is the most popular type of plan.
  • Gold: These plans charge high monthly premiums but offer lower costs when you use it. Your deductible will likely be low.
  • Platinum: This plan has the highest monthly premium but a low cost of care and deductible.

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